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What is WINTEL?
WINTEL is a market research project for the independent music sector commissioned by the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), to map the economic contribution of the independent sector. The project is delivered in partnership with market research specialists House of Research.
Who is WIN?
The Worldwide Independent Network connects and supports independent music trade associations globally. Please see winformusic.org for more details.
How will WINTEL be conducted?
We survey independent music companies worldwide across a range of business areas such as streaming revenues, physical sales, employment and investment, among others. Final reports will draw on survey results and additional contextual data sources.
Who is House of Research?
House of Research, based in Berlin, is an owner-managed research institute founded in 2000. Please see house-of-research.de for more details.


Who can participate?
Any independent music companies and professionals with some activity in the recorded music business are welcome to participate.
Can I participate if I am self-employed?
Yes, as long as you are registered with the corresponding tax/fiscal authorities in your country (if required in your country).
I am an artist releasing my own recordings. Can I participate?
Yes, as with self-employed respondents, your participation is very welcome. Please refer to the special instructions for self-released artists in the Resources section.
Can I participate if my company was founded in 2020?
No, your company must be registered in 2019 or before, as the survey asks for data from the last two calendar years.
Can music distributors participate?
Yes, you will be able to provide data for the music distribution business of your company. Please refer to the special instructions for distributors in the Resources section.
Can I participate if I am distributed by a major?
Yes, WINTEL is aimed at measuring the independent sector at copyright level. You must provide answers by reference to the actual revenue of your company, regardless of the type of distribution (major, independent, or self-distributed).
I have a joint venture / licensing deal with a major. Can I participate?
Yes, what WINTEL measures refers to the actual revenue of the independent company responding to the survey, regardless of the type of deal or percentage of ownership by a major or any other partner company.

Data protection

Will my data be safe?
House of Research is fully GDPR compliant and operates to the highest standards of data protection and security. All survey data is held by House of Research securely and confidentially. Only House of Research is able to view your company data; WIN and individual associations will only receive aggregated data. Likewise, all WINTEL reports will be produced on an anonymised and aggregated level.
Why do I need to provide an email address?
An email address is requested, in order to allow House of Research to follow up with you directly on any queries they may have on your responses. This will also allow us to inform you of the publication date of the final reports and send you copies. Your email address will not be used for any other purpose.

The survey

What information will the survey be asking?
Data relating to company revenue and breakdowns by activity; sound recording revenue by source; sales and unit breakdowns; number of artists and sound recordings represented; expenditure relating to A&R and marketing; direct and indirect employment.
Can I submit my data in a different format?
No, the only way to participate in WINTEL is using the official online survey. Visit the Resources section to find support materials that will help you navigate the process.
Are all questions mandatory?
Most questions are mandatory and do not allow for blank responses. If an item does not apply or you do not have data for it, please enter the value “0”.
Are the questions difficult?
The survey is multi-lingual, and you will be able to select the language from a list of 17. The survey also includes mouseovers with additional definitions and information to help you navigate each question.
Do I need to complete the entire survey at once?
No, you are able to save progress in your browser and return to the survey at a later time through a dedicated link sent to each respondent.
Should I compile my data before responding?
We suggest that you do, as it will facilitate the process. You can find the survey questions and a data compiler template in the Resources section.
What if I do not have detailed units and/or revenue breakdowns?
If your distributor does not provide breakdowns of subscription vs. advertising-supported streaming or single vs. album download unit sales, you are encouraged to answer your total number of streams or downloads and enter the value “0” in the other answer boxes.

The results

What will the output of WINTEL 2021 be?
The results of this year’s WINTEL project will be published later in 2021 as part of a global market report, with detailed individual country reports also being published.
How can I use WINTEL reports for my company?
You will receive a copy of the reports that you can use it for benchmarking your company’s performance, in negotiations with digital services, to lobby governments, and for various other purposes. See more benefits in our Home page.